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    What is the Easiest Way To Farm Gold in OSRS?

    Unfortunately, there isn’t an “easy” way to farm gold in OSRS since you’ll really need to earn hundreds of thousands, even millions, of gold just to buy rare OSRS items that you don’t want to farm. The easiest way to buy expensive items is to simply buy OSRS gold online to quickly cover the cost. However, some OSRS farming tips will cut the time needed to earn the amount of gold that you want.

    • Gathering and selling high-value materials.

    • Buying, enchanting, then reselling accessories from the Grand Exchange.

    • Completing high-level raids.

    • Pickpocketing high-level NPCs.

    • Scalping popular items from the Grand Exchange (buy low, sell high).

    The game will really force players to invest their time and effort if they want to get the good stuff. Farming and earning gold can be such a drag for most people that’s why some just simply buy OSRS gold online to be able to enjoy the game using the money they earned from working in real life. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to enjoy some high-level content and get some awesome items using the money you worked hard for. There are people who offer legitimate deals on OSRS gold for sale that can put people’s minds at ease.

    What are the Most Expensive Items in OSRS?

    The Grand Exchange offers some of the best items in the game crafted or looted by dedicated players in the game. Each of these OSRS items has different values that depend on their rarity and the difficulty of acquiring them. The most expensive OSRS items can cost billions in gold, which is approximately months of farming and earning. You’d have better luck at browsing OSRS gold for sale online for cheap offers than finding any of these items at a huge discount. Let’s take a sneak peek at some of the most valuable OSRS items in the game according to the Grand Exchange trends:

    Most Expensive OSRS Items



    How to Get

    3rd Age Pickaxe

    2.15 billion

    It can be acquired as a rare reward only via the master-level Treasure Trails.

    3rd Age Druidic Rope Top

    1.66 billion

    It can be acquired as a rare reward only via the master-level Treasure Trails.

    Twisted Bow

    1.43 billion

    It can be looted after defeating the Chambers of Xeric dungeon, which is one of the most difficult dungeons in the game.

    3rd Age Druidic Robe Bottoms

    1.39 billion

    It can be acquired as a rare reward only via the master-level Treasure Trails.

    Tumeken’s Shadow

    1.27 billion

    It can be looted as a rare drop from Tombs of Amascut. 

    The Grand Exchange prices fluctuate a lot but it usually doesn’t change the items at the very top of the most expensive items list unless Old School Runescape introduces new content. The people who often manage to purchase these items are those who buy OSRS gold since it’s a lot easier just to spend money than farming it. 

    Should You Buy OSRS Gold Online?

    In terms of the items that players will take the longest to loot, gold is at the highest of the list. People often spend their entire time playing Old School Runescape trying to farm gold. With such a high demand for currency in the game, it’s no surprise that people often put up OSRS gold for sale online in exchange for real currency. It’s always worth to buy cheap OSRS gold online if you’re the type of person who values their time and doesn’t want to spend days, weeks, or months playing the game just to be able to afford an item that you really want.

    What is Old School Runescape?

    Old School Runescape is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG), the re-released version of the original Runescape title, both created by Jagex. It is a game distinct for having extremely old graphics and gameplay that highlighted how the genre used to be in the early 2000s. 

    The game remains one of the most popular MMORPGs in the world today, mainly due to the dedicated fanbase of the genre that remains loyal to the original charm of true hardcore MMORPGs back in the day. The game receives regular updates but remains loyal to the art style and gameplay that the fans have clung to despite the evolution of the genre two decades after.