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CS:GO Accounts for Sale

CS:GO, or Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, is one of the most popular online first-person shooter games. With a thriving esports scene and an extensive skin economy, CS:GO accounts have become a valuable commodity. However, building up an account with rare skins, badges, operation coins, and a high rank takes a lot of time and money. This is where buying a CS:GO account comes in.

Purchasing a pre-ranked account with rare skins and other collectibles is tempting for many players. However, the CS:GO community is rife with scams and hacked accounts. Choosing a trustworthy marketplace is crucial. 

PlayersLoot is a secure marketplace where you can buy CS:GO accounts safely. With intuitive navigation, thorough verification processes, and responsive support, PlayersLoot aims to provide the best user experience. 

Other CS:GO services available Playersloot:

CS:GO Boost
CS:GO Coaching
CS:GO GamePal
CS:GO Items

How To Buy CS:GO Accounts?

  • 1

    Select the Category

    Browse thousands of games and categories! Select a category to see recommended products. Refine your search using the filters.

  • 2

    Choose Your Product

    After finding an offer you like, review the details posted by the vendor to make sure it fits your requirements.

  • 3

    Purchase It

    Once you have found the best CS:GO Account deal buying is easy. Simply click purchase then checkout.

  • 4

    Enjoy It

    Once purchased, the vendor will deliver your CS:GO Account as fast as possible. Then it's time to crush your enemies!


Yes, all accounts on PlayersLoot go through rigorous inspection and seller-vetting processes to provide only secure, legitimate accounts to our community.

We accept all major payment methods including credit/debit cards, Skrill, PayPal, Bitcoin, and more. Please refer to the payments page of our website for specifics. 

Most purchases finalize within 30 minutes, followed swiftly by delivery of all necessary login credentials via email. Please allow up to 12 hours for epic or outlier circumstances.

PlayersLoot includes two-factor authentication installation to prevent recovery along with lifetime support or insurance options on some high-tier accounts. Please contact our LiveChat if any post-sale issues ever arise!

While incredibly rare under our thorough vetting practices, we provide refunds or account replacements for any bans traced back to previous owners rather than the buyer themselves.

We supply accounts across all ranks like Silver, Gold Nova, Master Guardian, Legendary Eagle, and even Global Elite! Accounts also vary from starter inventories to those with Dragon Lores, Howls, Crimson Webs, and much more!

Yes, many sellers opt to supply Phone and Email Verified accounts which undergo additional scrutiny by Steam itself, thereby offering further legitimacy and security.  

Consider factors like rank desired, skins/inventory value, Steam Level, medals, operation coins, and whether the account has Prime or Trust Factor status activated. Then peruse our catalog filtered by your preferences! 

From legendary finishes like Asiimovs, Dragon Lores, Fades and Crimson Webs to high-tier knives like Doppler, Marble Fade and Case Hardened, we supply every top weapon finish imaginable.

Absolutely no hidden fees! The price shown per account constitutes the lone total owed, encompassing both seller and marketplace fees. No surprises or add-ons upon checkout.

Buy CS:GO Accounts

As one of the world's leading esports titles, CS:GO attracts players interested in building inventories of prestigious and valuable skins. For those seeking to bypass the grind of loot box drops and trading up for coveted finishes like Dragon Lore AWPs or Crimson Web knives, purchasing accounts with established inventories can save plenty of time and money.

However, with many CS:GO marketplaces plagued by hacked and scammed accounts, buyers must exercise ample caution selecting trustworthy sellers. Through rigorous vetting of sellers and verification steps like two-factor authentication, PlayersLoot offers one of the market's safest avenues for buying CS:GO accounts.

Cheap CS:GO Accounts

While some rare CS:GO skins like Souvenir Dragon Lores and StatTrak Crimson Web knives command exorbitant prices, plenty of accounts feature more affordable yet still impressive inventories. Mid-tier skins like Asiimovs, Redlines, and Golden Coils offer cheaper ways to immediately access sought-after weapons finishes.

For those seeking ranked accounts, Silver Elite and Nova ranks balance affordability with ability to compete in Prime Matchmaking. While the highest Global Elite accounts demand lofty prices, PlayersLoot offers affordable CS:GO accounts across various price points for discerning buyers.

Secure & Legit CS:GO Accounts

Far too often, unsuspecting CS:GO buyers fall prey to hacked or scammed accounts that get banned shortly after sale. And while no marketplace can completely eliminate these risks, PlayersLoot employs extensive measures aimed at protecting buyers.

After hand-vetting sellers, accounts undergo thorough inspection by staff members trained to spot red flags. Rigorous verification steps like SMS and two-factor authentication also help deter unauthorized access. For further security, some high-tier accounts even include lifetime support or insurance options. Ultimately, PlayersLoot strives to provide our community with only legitimate, secure accounts.

Affordable & Safe CS:GO Accounts

Considering the value of certain CS:GO skins and inventories, purchasing pre-made accounts rather than slowly amassing prized finishes through normal grinding and trading can enable instant access at more affordable costs. For example, StatTrak knives worth thousands of dollars might release for just a fraction of that price in the second-hand marketplace.  

However, buyers should always remain vigilant selecting trustworthy marketplaces with necessary fraud protections in place. PlayersLoot leverages a strong understanding of the ecosystem along with stringent verification steps to proudly offer one of the most affordable avenues for safe CS:GO purchases. We even provide insurance and lifetime support for additional peace of mind.

LootGuardian  CS:GO Buyer Protection System

PlayersLoot is the best place to buy CS:GO items, Accounts, CS:GO currencies, and services such as coaching and boosting.

PlayersLoot with thousands of reviews, is trusted by buyers and sellers to facilitate safe and secure transactions.

Our top-notch technology, LootGuardian, keeps you and your payments safe and private! PlayersLoot LootGuardian system provides the best experience when it comes to buying CS:GO Accounts.

  • Information Privacy
  • Trusted and Secure Transactions
  • Encrypted Secure Data
  • Verified Vendors
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • Low Vendor Fees
  • Safe Purchases
  • Guaranteed and Fast Delivery
  • Competitive Pricing