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Steam Accounts for Sale

Steam is one of the largest and most popular gaming distribution platforms, with thousands of games and millions of users. For some, buying a Steam account with games already in the library is an appealing option instead of starting an account from scratch. But there are important factors to weigh when it comes to buying a Steam account safely and legally.

When searching for “Steam accounts for sale”, most buyers have understandable concerns regarding legitimacy, security, cost-effectiveness, game availability, and other key factors. As an informative starting point, this article looks at some of the top questions asked and factors to consider so buyers can feel confident in knowing what to look out for when buying a Steam account.

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How To Buy Steam Accounts?

  • 1

    Select the Category

    Browse thousands of games and categories! Select a category to see recommended products. Refine your search using the filters.

  • 2

    Choose Your Product

    After finding an offer you like, review the details posted by the vendor to make sure it fits your requirements.

  • 3

    Purchase It

    Once you have found the best Steam Account deal buying is easy. Simply click purchase then checkout.

  • 4

    Enjoy It

    Once purchased, the vendor will deliver your Steam Account as fast as possible. Then it's time to crush your enemies!


Red flags include unbelievable low pricing far below market rates, new seller accounts, unwillingness to show account details first, demands for quick payments only via Bitcoin/nonrefundable means, broken English communications and more. Avoid these obvious scam warnings.

Yes, if Steam detects unauthorized account selling or sharing which violates its terms of service, then accounts run the risk of being permanently banned. Only accounts transferred between family or personal friends are sanctioned by Steam.

Like all accounts, Steam profiles could be targets for hijacking by hackers despite guard protocols, so leaving financial payment info attached poses risks. Buyers should wipe and secure accounts upon purchase against intrusions. But compromised accounts also end up fraudulently listed for sale again by hackers themselves quite often.

If purchased from an unauthorized third party seller versus transferred directly by the original owner, then recovering lost or hacked accounts is virtually impossible. Only the original account creator and financial owner has account restoration rights directly through Steam support. This permanent loss potential adds to the buying risks.

VAC stands for Valve Anti-Cheat automated system which permanently bans all accounts caught manipulating Steam games for unfair advantages in online multiplayer modes primarily. VAC bans severely damage resale values but some unauthorized grey marketplaces still sell these useless accounts duping unknowing buyers only to pocket profits.

Popular Steam Games and Items

Some of the most in-demand games on Steam that buyers look for in accounts for sale include DOTA 2, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Apex Legends, PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, and other multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) and first-person shooter (FPS) games. High levels, ranks, inventories, skins, and other prized loot are also desirable assets that increase an account’s value.

Understanding the Marketplace Risks

While there are legal marketplaces to buy Steam accounts, there are also unauthorized sellers in grey marketplaces that offer cheap accounts but with serious risks. These include scamming customers and selling accounts that may get suspended or banned by Steam if caught for violating terms of service. Educating yourself on the legitimate marketplaces and exercising due diligence is key for getting the best value safely.

Is It Legal to Buy or Sell Steam Accounts?

Steam’s rules, like other gaming platforms and companies, only allow for transferring accounts under specific personal conditions, like sending an account to a friend or family member. Any other sale of a Steam account is strictly prohibited by Steam. While some grey marketplaces exist, the buying and selling of accounts more often violates Steam’s terms of service. This means accounts could be shut down and all content lost with no refund. Obviously this poses quite a risk for buyers unaware of Steam's policies.

What are the Safest Places to Buy Steam Accounts?

If after understanding the risks, policies, and factors someone still seeks to purchase a Steam account from third parties, reputable sellers like PlayerLoot offer greater assurances, security guarantees, and safeguards over most unauthorized grey marketplaces. While again buying or selling accounts generally violates Steam's terms, PlayerLoot's thorough vetting, anti-scam protections, and lifetime warranty provide as much peace of mind as possible to buyers. PlayerLoot also prohibits selling accounts with VAC bans to avoid issues.

Still, no third party marketplace can guarantee accounts against Steams terms, conditions and enforcement actions. So buyers must weigh the relative risks and benefits involved versus creating a brand new personal account directly through Steam to enjoy gaming content.

Steam Account Buying Criteria

For prospective Steam account buyers doing research, here are some of the main factors to consider in your search:

Games Owned and Playtime

The number of games, expansion packs, DLCs, keys, and other content, along with total playtime and achievements, contribute to the account’s overall value and cost. If focused on a few favorite games, then account game libraries more tailored to your tastes are ideal over a high total number of games in the account you may never play.

Account Age and Reputation

Low-level or very new accounts are riskier as they have not established a solid history and identity within Steam, possibly pointing to stolen or duplicated accounts made purely for profit. Reputable sellers vouch for an account’s authenticity and longevity. An account with over a year of good standing adds legitimacy.

Ranks, Levels and Game Items / Currency

Competitive multiplayer games rely on ranks, levels and progress to flex one’s experience and skill. A higher ranked account saves you the effort of level grinding it up yourself. Valuable inventories with rare skins, weapons, clothing, loot crates and other in-game items can significantly increase an account’s worth as well if those are assets you covet.

VAC Bans and Account Flags

VAC bans prohibit playing on secured Valve/Steam game servers and severely damage account desirability and value. Account flags could signal attempts to sell, share or recover accounts under Steam Guard -- actions banned by terms of service. Both issues greatly increase the risk of further access loss or permanent banning. Avoid these accounts.

Pricing and Price Per Game

While there is no universal pricing, popular accounts with desirable assets, history and content understandably start around $100+ USD depending on factors above, sometimes reaching into the $1000s. Buyers should determine budgets and price expectations relative to what specific games and account perks appeal the most on a ‘price per game' basis.

Be an Informed Buyer

After weighing the key factors like those above and comparing seller options, buyers can better determine if the risks, costs and benefits match their gaming interests. While again buying or selling accounts remains prohibited by Steam, marketplaces like PlayerLoot establish protections to look out for. But nothing replaces doing your own due diligence before committing hard-earned dollars into your gaming experiences.

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