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Above 100 Products we offer custom fees between 5-8%
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  • 4+ currencies

    Process charges and display prices in your customer's currency

  • Global support

    Our Global Support team assists your Buyers 24/7, so you don't have to

  • Secure payment info collection

    We securely collect and store your Buyers payment info

  • LootGuardian system

    Our LootGuardian system protects you from chargebacks


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Vendor FAQ
Vendor fees are taken from your earnings after you sell a product on PlayersLoot. The default fee is 10% from your sales, however, you could qualify for lower fees if you list hundreds or thousands of products at once. To see if you qualify simply contact a Community Manager on Discord.
Vendor Applications are reviewed within 1 Business Day.
You can withdraw funds 5 Business Days after the sale has been completed.

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