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Valorant Accounts for Sale

Valorant is a free-to-play tactical first-person shooter developed and published by Riot Games. Since its release in June 2020, it has become one of the most popular esports titles, amassing over 14 million monthly active players.

Owning a Valorant account with rare skins, outfits, and high ranks or leaderboard standings has become highly desirable. However, these accounts take a lot of time, skill, and sometimes money to develop organically. This has led to a thriving marketplace for Valorant accounts for sale.

Factors like unlocked agents, weapon skins, player cards, gun buddies, and competitive rank influence an account's value. Accounts with premium cosmetic items like Elderflame Vandal or glitchpop Phantom skins are especially sought-after. High rank competitive ready accounts with Immortal or Radiant ranks also demand premium pricing.

If you don’t want to spend months grinding to unlock items or reach the higher competitive tiers, buying a Valorant account is an instant shortcut. However, you need to ensure you purchase securely from a trusted seller. Keep reading to learn more about safely buying a Valorant account.

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How To Buy Valorant Accounts?

  • 1

    Select the Category

    Browse thousands of games and categories! Select a category to see recommended products. Refine your search using the filters.

  • 2

    Choose Your Product

    After finding an offer you like, review the details posted by the vendor to make sure it fits your requirements.

  • 3

    Purchase It

    Once you have found the best Valorant Account deal buying is easy. Simply click purchase then checkout.

  • 4

    Enjoy It

    Once purchased, the vendor will deliver your Valorant Account as fast as possible. Then it's time to crush your enemies!


Riot does prohibit account selling in their terms of service but rarely bans buyers. Millions of accounts have been resold without issues.

If you buy securely from a seller with many reviews you can minimize ban risks. Avoid fresh or bot created accounts.

The Elderflame and Glitchpop premium sets, Reaver melee weapons, ruination melee, and prime/dot exe are generally the most desirable.

Without email access, there is a small risk. Always verify email ownership and enable 2FA if available when you receive the account.

Prices range based on skins, rank, agents unlocked, age, etc. Expect to pay $50+ for a decent account, or up to $500+ for an endgame maxed account.

PlayersLoot is the safest and best place. The platform verifies sellers plus supports buyers after purchase.

No, unlike Steam or Epic accounts you have full access to use, equip, and showcase all skins immediately with no restrictions.

Yes, each Riot account is locked to one of three main regions: Europe, North America, or Asia. This cannot be changed later on.

If email access is provided you own the account fully and are able to update credentials and enable extra security features.

If you buy safely from a seller with many reviews and disable contacts/friends connections, the account can potentially last for many years with proper care.

Is it Legal to Buy a Valorant Account?

Riot Games clearly prohibits the sale of Valorant accounts in their Terms of Service. However, they rarely ban buyers and it is extremely unlikely for individuals purchasing a single account for personal use to face any consequences.

The risks primarily exist for sellers creating and selling Valorant accounts on a commercial scale. As long as you buy an account safely from a trusted marketplace, you don’t realistically need to worry about legal risks as a buyer.

What to Look for When Buying a Valorant Account?

If you decide to purchase a Valorant account, make sure to follow these tips to get a safe account that offers good long-term value:

- Verify the seller’s reputation through reviews and completed sales. Prioritize sellers with long track records and many five star reviews.

- Carefully inspect screenshots to validate unlocked skins, agents, player cards, and account level/XP progression. Avoid pixelated or suspicious looking images.

- Require video proof showing in-game footage before paying to prove the seller owns the account and has access.

- Only pay through secure marketplace systems, never directly to a seller. This guarantees money back if you don’t receive what you paid for.

- Confirm email access is included so you control and own the account fully after paying. Shared or rental account access is risky.

Where to Buy Valorant Accounts Safely?

The safest and best place to buy a Valorant account is through a trusted gaming account marketplace like PlayersLoot. PlayersLoot verifies sellers, holds accounts for inspection, guarantees payments, and fully supports buyers in the rare case of issues arising later on.

The 4 Best Types of Valorant Accounts to Buy

1. Unranked Accounts with Skins

These freshly leveled accounts don’t have a competitive rank yet but come loaded with rare skin bundles that would cost hundreds of dollars if bought directly. They offer great value if you want premium cosmetics without paying full price.

Popular skins to look for include Elderflame, Glitchpop, Ion, and Reaver weapon sets. As well as Champions 2021 player cards, gun buddies like the fuzzy Spycrab, and shorty skins like the Avalanche.

2. High Ranked Accounts (Immortal or Radiant ready)

For those focused purely on competition, you can buy a Valorant account already ranked Immortal or the highest tier Radiant. This instantly allows you to compete against the very best players and grind towards professional play.

Do ensure ranked ready accounts come with email access so you fully own it. Without email access, the seller could recover it later.

3. Smurf Accounts

A smurf account refers to an intentionally deranked account where a high skill player purposefully lost games to get their visible rank lower than their actual skill level. This lets them dominate lower rated opposition.

Smurf accounts with email access offer an easy way to crush low ranked games without having to throw matches yourself.

4. Full Access Prime and Rare Accounts

The most premium type of Valorant account to purchase are properly aged accounts with very rare, valuable skins from events like beta access as well as prime unlocked agents and max competitive rank.

These “endgame” accounts effectively have years of effort and exclusivities compiled onto a single account giving you instant prestige and access in Valorant from day one.

LootGuardian Valorant Buyer Protection System

PlayersLoot is the best place to buy Valorant items, Accounts, Valorant currencies, and services such as coaching and boosting.

PlayersLoot with thousands of reviews, is trusted by buyers and sellers to facilitate safe and secure transactions.

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