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League Of Legends Coaching Service

League of Legends is one of the most popular multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) games in the world. With over 100 million monthly players, it's no surprise that many players are looking to improve their skills and ranking. This is where League of Legends coaching comes in. A professional coach can analyze your gameplay, identify weaknesses, and provide tailored training to help you reach the next level. In this article, we'll explore the benefits of hiring a League of Legends coach and how to find the right one for you.

Working with a professional League coach provides many advantages over trying to learn solely from online guides or YouTube videos. A dedicated coach will watch your live games or VODs, pinpoint areas for improvement, and give you drills and exercises focused on those weaknesses. They can teach you higher-level concepts like map awareness, objective control, and teamfighting. A coach provides accountability through scheduled lessons and helps you form good habits. You'll receive personalized feedback and analysis you simply can't get from generalized learning content.

When looking for a LoL coach, be sure to vet their credentials. Many high elo players offer coaching, but teaching skills are different from playing skills. Seek out coaches from services who screen for communication abilities, game knowledge, and coaching competencies. Reviews from past students can help identify the best fit for you. Clearly communicate your goals and budget so you get matched accordingly. Those seeking to go pro may want a former esports player while casual players can benefit from skilled teachers at lower price points.

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Coaching rates can vary quite a bit based on the coach's experience level. Generally though, you can expect to pay anywhere from $15-$50 per hour for most qualified coaches. Those with pro experience or particularly high coaching demand could charge $70+ per hour. Compare rates and reviews to find good value.

Websites like PlayersLoot have verified coaches at different skill tiers from Diamond up to Challenger. When posting your coaching request, be sure to clearly state your current rank, position/champions, and goals. This helps match you with the right coach.

While high rank certainly correlates with game knowledge, some lower ranked coaches have strengths in teaching, communicating, and mentoring. Look for coaches with proven results and happy student reviews rather than just focusing on rank alone.

Give your current rank/MMR, usually played positions/champions, availability for lessons, coaching goals/areas to improve, and any other relevant context about your experience level and motivations. This allows coaches to gauge fit.

Most students have one or two lessons per week for a month or two. Consistent sessions allow you to ingrain new concepts into your gameplay and get feedback on your progress. More intensive bootcamps are also an option.

Have clear goals going in and specific areas identified to work on. Ask questions throughout. Take notes on techniques and strategies to apply later. Have the coach review your gameplay and offer critiques.

For most motivated students, quality coaching pays huge dividends by fast tracking your improvement. Compare costs to alternatives like being hardstuck for hundreds more hours. Coaching is an investment into rapid skill growth.

Most coaches conduct lessons through Discord screen share and Voice chat. This allows live spectating of games and easy communication. Make sure you download Discord before your first session.

Paypal is the most commonly accepted payment method. Many coaches also accept credit cards, wire transfer, or even crypto. Payment is usually handled through their coaching service website.

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How to Play As Jungle in League of Legends?

The jungle role in LoL comes with great responsibility. As a jungler, you need to balance farming jungle camps for gold and experience, ganking lanes to get your teammates ahead, and securing major objectives like Dragon, Rift Herald, and Baron Nashor. Here are some tips to excel as a jungler.

Path efficiently to hit level 3 after your first clear. Avoid wasting time walking between camps.

Track the enemy jungler and countergank when they go for a lane. Coordinate with your laners to set up ambushes.

Gank pushed lanes and overextended enemies. Communicate with your laners and strike when the enemy is vulnerable.

Secure scuttle crab for vision and deny it from the enemy jungler. Scuttle spawns at 3:15.

Take Rift Herald early and use it to pressure top tower. Rift spawns at 10 minutes.

Work with your team to take early dragons and stack their bonuses over time.

Build appropriately for your champion and role from items like Cinderhulk, Warrior, Runic Echoes.

Ward deep into the enemy jungle to track their location and ping assistance for your team.

Transition your lead from the jungle into other lanes. Push for objectives after successful ganks.

With practice, map awareness and efficient clearing, you'll be on your way to jungle domination. A League coaching session can help refine your jungling skills.

How to Control Your Lane As Top Laner?

Playing top lane carries a lot of pressure in LoL. Here are some tips on controlling the lane phase as a top laner.

Learn strong level 1-3 champions for early lane dominance like Renekton, Darius, or Olaf.

Use brushes to drop minion aggro when trading harass vs the enemy top laner.

Manage the wave. Freeze near your tower for safety or push to reset/roam.

Track the enemy jungler and ward so you don't get ganked when overextended.

Punish the enemy top for last hitting. Trade when they go for CS.

Build a lead through zoning, denying CS, and securing solo kills.

Coordinate tower dives with your jungler against weak early game champions.

Take Teleport and look for TP flanks in bot lane teamfights after laning phase.

Split push side lanes once mid game hits to pressure objectives across the map.

Transition any advantage from lane into mid game teamfight power spikes.

Mastering top lane matchups and macro play gives you great carry potential. Having a professional coach guide your gameplay can help immensely for improving top lane impact.

How to Climb Rank with ADC?

Succeeding as an ADC takes mechanical skill and macro strategy. Here are tips for climbing rank with marksmen champions.

Improve CS'ing to hit at least 70-80 CS in first 10 minutes. Use practice tool.

Learn strong lane bullies like Caitlyn, Draven, or Lucian for early dominance.

Punish the enemies when they go for last hits. Trade efficiently.

Track major cooldowns like enemy support CC spells before going aggressive.

Manage waves. Freeze near tower for safety. Push and reset to deny farm.

Build appropriately depending on game state from mythics like Shieldbow, Galeforce, Kraken.

Position carefully in teamfights to maximize damage while avoiding danger zones. Kite back.

Focus on objectives after successful fights. Secure dragons, Baron, towers using your DPS.

Have goodvision control around objectives. Use blue trinket for long-range spotting.

Upgrade to red trinket later and clear enemy wards around objectives.

Refining your ADC skills and decision making will lead to more wins. Having a high elo LoL coach analyze your play can hugely accelerate your improvement.

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