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New World Coaching Service

New World coaching provides professional guidance to help players improve their skills and progress faster in the popular MMORPG game New World. With personalized coaching sessions from high-level experts, players can learn advanced tactics, optimize builds, defeat bosses, and maximize efficiency.

New World has a vast open world with challenging expedition dungeons and intense PvP battles. A professional coach can analyze your gameplay and provide tailored advice on leveling faster, building strong character loadouts, mastering weapons, and dominating opponent factions. Coaches have extensive knowledge from hundreds of hours in the game.

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A New World coaching session is customized to your personal goals and focuses on whatever content you want to improve at most. Coaches can cover any game topics in depth like leveling routes, weapon/armor progression, gathering, crafting, trading, expeditions, PVP, wars, and maximizing endgame progression.

With an expert coach's guidance tailored to your needs, most players experience at least a 400-600% improvement in progression speed, wealth gained, capabilities unlocked, and general game knowledge compared to self-teaching.

It's best do initial coaching as early as possible when starting the game to build proper foundations instead of reinforcing suboptimal habits that ultimately slow you down. Even just 2 hours early on will provide big long term gains.

Yes, you're sent recordings and notes covering the full voice chat session afterwards. This allows referring back to detailed expertise shared anytime.

Standard sessions are 2 hours which is enough to cover essential new player advice in depth. Longer sessions up to 4 hours are also offered for more advanced players by higher tier specialty coaches.

Yes! Check each coach's bio/reviews to learn their specialty like PVE, PVP, crafting, etc and schedule sessions with two coaches specialized in your major interests.

We accept all major credit cards, PayPal, Venmo, crypto currencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum, PlayerAuctions store credit, and material item trades in game valued at double market auction house rates.

No. All coaching materials are for your personal use only and bound by copyright restrictions. However we do offer referral discounts if you convince friends to also book training.

There are no strict requirements. Coaching is helpful at all levels from complete new players overwhelmed to experienced end game veterans looking to refine their skills and min/max everything.

We offer full refunds within the first hour if you aren't fully satisfied plus 50% off your next session booked with a different coach. But this is extremely rare given our rigorous vetting of only true experts.

Developing Skills Through Coaching

New World coaching covers key areas like combat strategy, crafting mastery, trading, and leadership. Sessions are fully customized to each student’s goals and needs.

Coaches first assess your current progress and areas for improvement. They then design a personalized learning plan to push your abilities to the next level. Coaching may involve:

Analyzing your character build and gear to optimize damage, survivability, and versatility. Fine tuning attribute points, armor sets, gems, and weapons.

Reviewing combat logs and gameplay footage to provide specific advice on using abilities and combos more effectively. Refining timing, resource management, kiting techniques, etc.

Exploring the mastery system to maximize trade skill levels and crafting yields. Learning to craft exceptional gear and goods.

Advising settlement and war strategy, leadership tactics, and faction politics. How to motivate members, coordinate attacks, set war rosters, and claim territory.

With 1-on-1 attention and feedback from a top player, you can break through plateaus and excel in all aspects of New World.

Mastering Expeditions and PvP

Coaches also provide specialized guidance to conquer difficult PvE content and defeat enemy factions.

Expeditions are 5-player dungeons with intense boss fights that test group coordination and skill. A coach can optimize party balance, analyze boss mechanics, and call out key strategies in voice chat during attempts. They identify exactly what each player needs to work on to overcome roadblocks.

For PvP domination, coaches scout opponents, exploit weaknesses in territory control, and set ambush points to crush enemy factions. They compose structured raid groups based on synergy between tanks, damage dealers, controllers, and healers. Coaches may even join you on the battlefield, directing the tide of war through advanced calls.

With the rise of competitive structured PvP arenas on the horizon, expert coaching will be highly advantageous. Let a seasoned mentor bring out your maximum potential in all high-level challenges.

Reaching Pinnacle Status

New World coaching enables mastery of all mechanics and systems for those pursuing greatness. Invest in premium coaching to unlock the secrets of top player success.

The very best New World players have amassed extensive knowledge from thousands of hours across the preview events, alpha, beta, and since launch. Now you can acquire that hard-won understanding through personalized coaching to rapidly achieve pinnacle status yourself.

High MMR PvP experts, crafters of legendary items, governors of prosperous settlements, officers in conquering companies, and veterans with hundreds of expertise points are available to coach. They will pour their insights and tips straight into tailored lessons catered to your objectives.

Do not flounder on suboptimal paths when premium guidance can transport you to excellence. Coaching also grants access to insider crafting recipes, war Discord servers, duelling circles, and other high-level player networks. Invest to unlock your potential.

The Costs and Value of Pro Coaching

Coaching rates vary based on specific coach experience and session duration. Expect valuable improvements well worth the investment.

Hourly coaching rates start around $25 USD and may exceed $100+ per hour for the most elite mentors. But significant skill growth and months saved grinding inefficiently far outweigh these costs over time.

Some coaches offer packaged deals, like 5 hours for the price of 3. Others provide free initial consultations. Individual sessions generally last 1-2 hours. Coaching over voice chat allows more in-depth guidance tailored to each specific scenario you encounter. Text-based coaching via discord/email exchanges is also available at lower rates.

Compare the price of coaching to unnecessary losses accumulating from suboptimal play. Dedicated lessons yield exponential returns through rapid advancement. Your future accomplishments earned through coaching will hold far more meaning and value than instantly buying skins or gear. Invest into your own skill and unlock lasting excellence

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