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Path Of Exile Trading Marketplace

Path of Exile is an acclaimed free-to-play action RPG featuring dark foreboding lands to explore, legendary artifacts to discover and menacing abominations to defeat either playing solo or banded with other exiles. The extensive skill customization and items upgrading systems integrated into core grinding-centric progression cultivated a vibrant economy since 2013 launch.

On platforms like PlayersLoot, PoE gamers safely trade Orbs, unique gear like Shavronne’s Wrappings armor, coveted gems, map rotations and valuable crafting bases to bypass grinding barriers and enable new build testing faster. Such bustling player-driven marketplaces strengthen the game’s community.

What Gets Traded on PoE Marketplaces?

With regular challenge season launches and new endgame mapping expansions, certain assets get routinely exchanged between exiles. Popular commodities up for trade include:

Currency Items 

 - Chaos Orbs: Primary exchange currency between players

 - Exalted Orbs: High-tier currency for trading gear and premium items 

 - Divine Orbs: Rerolls values on unique items, valuable for trading


- Helmets, Body Armors, Gloves, Boots, Belts: armor gear enabling builds

- Rings, Necklaces, Flasks: Boost resistances, damage, survivability


- Support Skill Gems: Augment linked active skill gems with bonuses

- Vaal Skill Gems: Corrupted variants overpowering base skill versions  


- Shaped / Elder Maps: Provide better loot, XP and challenges

What Path Of Exile Assets and Services can you trade on PlayersLoot?

Why Players Use PoE Marketplaces?

Trading brings following benefits for Path of Exile gamers:

- Save Time: Obtain build-enabling gear faster instead of reliance on lucky drops

- Achieve More: Access otherwise impossible powerful character builds by purchasing the key missing piece. 

- Fund Goals: Encash surplus unwanted drops for currencies/items benefiting chosen playstyle directly.

- Show Dedication: Iconic gear like HeadHunter belt or Demigod armor sets earn admiration. 

How PoE Marketplaces Operate?

Path of Exile features an in-game Trade Market console allowing players to list discovered items for currencies based on perceived value. Requesting players visit sellers’ hideouts to trade.

Secure external marketplaces build on this system by enabling seamless high-volume transactions between veterans beyond restrictions. Real-world money trades also open up opportunities. 

With payment systems and fraud checks in place, such platforms facilitate transparent exchanges helping fellow community members via an ethical setup minimizing risks. This drives the PoE economy further.

How to Sell?

  • Create an account

    Sign up on the PlayersLoot! Click Here! You'll need to provide some basic information like your name, email, password, etc. After registration click on "Become a Vendor" in your dashboard.

  • Get Verified

    PlayersLoot will verify your identity by asking for a photo ID, business documents, etc. This is done to prevent fraud and ensure the legitimacy of sellers.

  • List your products

    Once your account is approved, you can add products to sell. Click "Add Product" and fill out all required information.

  • Get paid

    After a customer purchases your product, PlayersLoot will collect payment from them and transfer earnings to you (minus their commission fees).

Top Hot-Selling PoE Items

Thanks to extensive skill combinations possible paired with needs of popular builds, certain items enjoy perpetual demand and high value among PoE exiles. These include:


- Soul Taker: Unique axe granting mana leech for specialist builds  

- Prismatic Eclipse: Sword boosting attack speed and resistances  


- Shavronne's Wrappings: Essential for reserving health based builds

- Kaom's Heart: Boosts health significantly making tanks near-invincible


- Headhunter Belt: Ultra-rare belt enabling obliterative damage rampages

- Crystal Belt: Special base for crafting potent caster boosting items

Progression Items

- Offerings to the Goddess: Opens portals to Harvest crafting garden  

- Sacrifice Fragments: Grant access to uber versions of Atziri for better drops