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PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Mobile Trading Marketplace

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG) Mobile is the smash-hit last-man-standing mobile shooter from eSports leader Tencent convertng the acclaimed 100-player PC battle royale formula into optimized on-the-go gameplay rich with detailed maps, lethal weapons, tactical team combats and intense matches across multiplayer modes.

Since its record-breaking 2018 launch that popularized battle royale gaming for mobile devices, PUBG Mobile’s seasonal events, tiered progression systems and expanding cosmetics cultivated a flourishing ecosystem. 

On platforms like PlayersLoot, PUBG Mobile gamers safely trade Unknown Cash (UC), rare outfits and skins , Elite Pass upgrades, gun crates and more to bypass grinding, accessorize distinctively and earn bragging rights. Such player-driven marketplaces strengthen the game's community.

What Gets Traded on PUBG Marketplaces?

As gamers aim to unlock achievements faster, hit higher Tiers before season resets and perfect character cosmetics to gain edge over competitors, certain assets get routinely exchanged. Popular commodities up for trade include:


- Unknown Cash (UC) - Premium currency for direct purchases in-game like Elite Pass  

- Silver Fragments - For acquiring missed crate items from Shop  

Skins & Outfits 

- Mythic Sets: Super premium cosmetic combos with death effects  

- Legendary Items: Grade gun and gear skins boasting built-in kill effects


- Elite Royal Pass - Premium tier granting exclusive weekly rewards 

Esports Collectibles

- Regional Teams Jerseys, Logos and Team Gun Skins

What PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Mobile Assets and Services can you trade on PlayersLoot?

Why Gamers Use PUBG Mobile Marketplaces?

Key drivers attracting PUBG Mobile gamers towards trading platforms:

- Obtain Rare Skins - Acquire limited-time mythic outfits, collab items faster.  

- Quick Unlocks - Buy UC currency, Elite Pass upgrades directly avoiding grind.

- Achieve More - Instantly accessorize extensive wardrobe plus arsenal.  

- Fund Purchases - Encash duplicates from opened crates. Buy missing pieces.

- Support Ecosystem - Participate in collaborative player-driven economy.

How PUBG Mobile Marketplaces Work ?

The game features an in-game shop for direct UC currency purchases used in transactions plus Silver Fragments earned from dismantling unwanted crate drops. Hence most marketplace listings involve trading skins, outfits or progression boosts for either currency based on seller prices.

For convenience, real-money transactions can also occur directly via integrated payment channels instead of manual grinding. Secure moderation protocols protect user interests always.

PUBG Mobile delivers heart-pounding 100-player battle royale survival action on the go supplemented with deep weapon handling mechanics and tactical team coordination possibilities across vast detailed maps culminating into pulse-pounding matches and victories decided within minutes. Players always seek any cosmetic or progression edge possible over equally determined opponents.  

Platforms like PlayersLoot meet such needs through secure player trading of skins, currencies, outfits and passes by interlinking in-game systems with integrated payment networks for trading convenience minus grinding barriers. 

So unlock achievements quicker, strike fear into enemies faster by accessorizing with imposing mythic combat sets and flaunt the glory on the battlegrounds thanks to PUBG Mobile's loyal fan marketplace communities! 

How to Sell?

  • Create an account

    Sign up on the PlayersLoot! Click Here! You'll need to provide some basic information like your name, email, password, etc. After registration click on "Become a Vendor" in your dashboard.

  • Get Verified

    PlayersLoot will verify your identity by asking for a photo ID, business documents, etc. This is done to prevent fraud and ensure the legitimacy of sellers.

  • List your products

    Once your account is approved, you can add products to sell. Click "Add Product" and fill out all required information.

  • Get paid

    After a customer purchases your product, PlayersLoot will collect payment from them and transfer earnings to you (minus their commission fees).

Top Hot Items on PUBG Marketplaces

With special crossover limited-time skins, flashy emotes, branded collaborations and new maps releasing frequently as part of seasonal updates, certain exclusive and prestigious cosmetics perpetually command peak demand and exchange value on PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds marketplaces.

Let's check some of the most popular collectibles and upgrades frequently traded between PUBG Mobile gamers seeking the best loadouts:


- Ancient Goddess Athena Set: Heavenly feminine visual upgrade with bright VFX

- Street Pop Set: Colorful streetwear outfit with dynamic patterns  


- Gunzblazing Bear Set: Mythic tier animated grizzly with turntable placement emote

Mythic Weapons

- M416 C5 Customized: Fully covered with snow particles leaving icy death trail 


- Maximum RP Points - Instantly race through elite pass rewarding premium missions saving hours of playtime grinding 

The extensive list above contains merely a sampling of the rarest skins, gear and tier-boosting collectibles constantly updated and traded between Battlegrounds competitors seeking dominance and glory during combat drops.

Get your hands on the most game-breaking and visually intimidating cosmetic upgrades only on PlayersLoot's Marketplace to demolish the competition!