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    League of Legends Accounts for Sale

    Looking to buy a League of Legends account? This article provides key information on the safest place to buy LoL accounts and answers common questions around account buying.

    League of Legends remains one of the most popular MOBA games. With so many skins, champions, and ranked tiers to unlock, buying a LoL smurf account can save you hundreds of hours of grinding. A purchased account also allows you to instantly access exciting champs you haven’t unlocked, try different roles and playstyles, or push for your dream rank like Challenger without the grind. 

    When searching where to buy a LoL account safely, stick to reliable sellers with a track record of happy customers. Avoid shady sites offering cheap LoL accounts that later get banned or compromised. For the best experience and security, we recommend PlayersLoot as the top marketplace to buy League of Legends accounts from verified sellers.

    Buy League of Legends Accounts Securely

    As one of the largest gaming marketplaces online, PlayersLoot connects you with LoL account sellers that are reputable, affordable and fast. All accounts are hand leveled and come with email access for peace of mind.

    Whether looking to buy a rare Prestige skin, high ranked account with impressive match history, or a cheap starter account to learn new champions, you’ll find it on PlayersLoot. 

    Reasons to Buy Your LOL Account:

    - Instantly access rare and expensive skins 

    - Hit your dream rank like Challenger faster

    - Skip the level grind to play ranked sooner

    - Learn new roles and expand your champ pool 

    - Smurf in lower elos to play with friends

    Is It Safe to Buy a League Account?

    Buying LoL accounts directly from another player does carry some risk of the account getting banned or compromised in the future. However, this is extremely rare from legit sellers on reputable marketplaces like PlayersLoot that have stringent security protocols.

    To stay safe when buying a League account:

    - Verify account email access before paying 

    - Change passwords and enable 2FA after purchase

    - Avoid too-good-to-be-true deals on accounts

    - Only buy from highly rated sellers 

    Will My Bought Account Get Banned?

    If you take the right precautions when buying a LoL account, the chances of getting banned are slim. Riot’s system routinely scans League accounts across all regions to detect those that have been purchased, botted or compromised. But there are ways to minimize ban risk with your purchased account:  

    - Avoid freshly botted or boosted accounts

    - Don’t buy accounts with recent name changes 

    - Don’t openly admit account sharing in game

    - Don’t be toxic, cheat, boost or break LoL’s TOS

    - Buy an account similar to your main’s region and rank

    Follow these tips and your bought LoL account should be safe from bans. Reputable sellers also replace any accounts that get banned later on.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Here are answers to some common questions around buying League of Legends accounts:

    1. Where is the cheapest place to buy League accounts?

    PlayersLoot has the most affordably priced LoL accounts that are also high quality and safe, with prices starting under $10. Avoid shady sites offering extremely cheap accounts which often lead to issues.

    2. Can I get scammed when buying a LoL account? 

    Buying directly from a seller carries risks. That’s why trusted gaming marketplaces like PlayersLoot offer buyer protection programs. This holds your payment securely until you verify the account is valid, preventing scam attempts.

    3. What details do I get when I buy an account?

    Reputable LoL account sellers provide the original email address and password to accounts, so you have full access. This lets you change credentials, reset passwords, enable 2FA and take ownership fully.

    4. How fast can I get my LOL account delivered?

    At PlayersLoot, LoL account orders are usually completed within 5-60 minutes. Speed depends on seller availability but the marketplace’s Instant Delivery system enables fastest turnaround times.

    5. Can I get banned for buying an account?

    Buying and using a League account is technically against Riot’s TOS. However bans are extremely rare if precautions are taken when purchasing and using the LoL account after. Millions buy accounts with minimal risk following the tips outlined earlier.

    6. Will my bought account’s MMR be lower?

    MMR and Elo are tied to the history of the account, not owner changes. So as long as you buy an appropriately ranked account close to your main’s past season rank, the MMR will be matched. You can then play ranked immediately without calibration.  

    7. Can I buy an account on my main’s region?

    Yes - you can easily filter searches on trading platforms like PlayersLoot by region. So buying an EUW account when your main is EUW, or NA account if playing in North America, is no problem. Ping and lag will be minimized.

    8. What payment options are available?  

    PlayersLoot supports all major payment methods including credit card, PayPal, crypto, gift cards and banking transfers. For optimal security, cryptocurrency and secured card payments are recommended.

    9. Can I get a refund for my LoL account?

    If your purchased League account gets banned later on, PlayersLoot sellers generally provide free replacement accounts as warranty. For other refund requests within 14 days, you can file for a refund which will be handled if legitimate.

    10. Is account sharing bannable if I buy an account?

    Technically Riot’s Terms of Service prohibits account sharing. However buying an account itself and playing on it is highly unlikely to trigger a ban if you avoid openly admitting to account trading in game. Millions safely buy and play on alternate LoL accounts.

    Ready to Buy a LoL Account?

    We hope this article cleared up concerns around safely buying a League of Legends account. PlayersLoot makes it easy to find the ideal account from legit sellers, with protections in place.

    Simply filter search results by your desired region, rank, champs and skins to discover an LoL account matching your budget today!